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Maryam Mohi Artszy









Someone said, " If you want to know where your heart is, look where you mind goes when it wanders". For me, my heart takes me to colors, shapes and paintings and simply Art is my passion.

Art like life, is a journey of discovery. My journey began in Iran and eventually led me to the US that I now call home, with many changes along the way both in who I have become and what I do. However, one thing that has been constant since I was a child has been my love of art, and a drive to create things myself.

As a child it was color pencils, charcoals, pastels and especially watercolors that helped me develop that creative spirit.

Today, I still find watercolor an inspiration. The watercolor medium is vivid, challenging and more importantly always new. It is all about faster, looser and more emotional style compare to other techniques. Watercolor painting has enriched my life at every level. While sometimes very challenging but it is invigorating and always a learning experience. 

I have recently fallen in love with resin, as it allows me to blend colors in a new way and makes great textures with amazing depth. Resin allows the artist to make almost everything from painting on a canvas to building custom tables and trays to jewelry and more. And one more thing about me, from time to time I sketch new designs to print and create unique custom clothing. 

Exploring the limits of my own creativity to produce entirely new art is the next step on my artistic journey.

It is a pleasure to have you join me along this journey of creative discovery, with watercolor paintings, resin art and my clothing designs in this online gallery.