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Watercolor Artist - Maryam Mohi

Hello and welcome to Artszy online gallery!  Any type of workmanship, outline and a blend of hues can bring all of us energy. I have a great passion for art and a firm belief in the power of human creativity. The ability of the human mind to create something new is one of our greatest strengths as a species. 

That’s why I have always harbored great enthusiasm for creative endeavors and ultimately is what led me to start this online art gallery. I am a watercolor artist and I love the gradients and fluid look that watercolor can provide. After sometime I realized my love for bold colors, new designs and watercolor artworks would translate beautifully onto fabrics and fashion. I’ve always felt that art is a powerful thing, and I spent a long time practicing my craft through painting before I came to the realization that the fluidity and motion of my designs can also look good when on an article of clothing. I’ve taken that inspiration and used it to create this art gallery, where art lovers can find paintings, handmade jewelry, and custom Iron-on patches that is expressive and unique. So I've been roused by my enthusiasm to assemble something really unique by designing clothes and turning my art into fashion. Therefore, I opened this online store in view of the enthusiasm I have for art to wear, fine art and generally craftsmanship. My designed clothing and iron-on transfer are unlike anything that you could get from the typical modern retailer, showing a sort of artistic style that is absent from the mainstream fashion industry. 

That’s why Artszy is here, so you could get your hands on something simple, colorful, not mass produced and simply artistic custom clothing. This online store is unequivocally the place for those individuals who value singular colorful and distinct apparel. 


Maryam Mohi


Someone said " If you want to know where your heart is, look where you mind goes when it wanders". For me, my heart takes me to colors, shapes and paintings. Art is my passion and watercolor is my medium of choice and my favorite subjects are landscapes, portraits and historical places. 

I have tried different mediums but liked watercolor the most. The watercolor medium is vivid, challenging and more importantly always new. It is all about  faster, looser and more emotional style compare to other techniques. It is the oldest pursuit that I know and has enriched my life at every level. While sometimes very challenging but it is invigorating and always a learning experience. 
I believe watercolor art and painting is simply the best medium to capture light, shadow and reflective surfaces and I exploit this in most of my work. I enjoy the process of watercolor and allowing the medium to have a life of its own. I don't like to plan things in advance; from choosing my subject and how to paint or draw it, I just let it happen—with watercolor it is more natural to go with the flow. It arrives when I feel the energy, and usually it comes from the mixture of colors that I see in a subject. That’s why my paintings are so colorful as the colors make me very excited.  
I want to use this website as a tool to know more about your comments, ideas and suggestions. Thanks for visiting my page.